Friday, September 22, 2017

22nd September - Mabon

Dark and light, equal parts
at the time of Mabon.
Fire and earth, together.
Balance, harmony, security,
these things shall be mine.

It is a misty morning, promising good weather on later today. I have just woken Lucy, her increasing deafness means she sleeps through my getting up early in the morning.
A wander round the garden, culminating in letting the hens out for their morning feed.  It is vaguely the time of the Mabon festival today (a moveable time), the half way equal time between light and dark, the harvest is in, pumpkins and squashes sit proudly outside people's doors.  A time for blessing hearth and home for the security it brings.  A time for stacking logs and wearing jumpers ;) as the cold fingers of winter approach.  Looking out of the kitchen window I saw two pheasants silhouetted against the above fence, surely a true sign that Autumn is with us.
Leaves still weave their magic, everything is still green, no early morning chill frosts to cause their slow beautiful decline into decay.


  1. Where I live in Ireland our length of daylight today 22nd Sept is:
    Sunrise: 7:16 AM
    Sunset: 7:27 PM
    Solar Noon: 1:21 PM
    Day Length: 12h 10m 40s
    On Sunday 24th length of daylight is 12 hours 2minutes 24 secs
    and the next day it is 11hours 58 minutes 15 secs.

    1. Thanks for that Heron, I expect festivals, and the world, can't be as accurate as a decent watch but I love the idea of stopping and giving thanks on a particular day.

  2. We are just beginning to notice the Horse Chestnuts changing here in the village.


    1. we have a long fence of Virginia creepers slowly changing colour but the trees are still holding onto their greenery. The squirrel is squirrelling away nuts in the lawn though.

  3. Is it Mabon already? I've been so caught up with my move that I've quite forgotten the seasons! The night skies here are so wide and full of constellations that I've been taking more notice of them than anything else.
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. It's so good to have blog friends to talk to, even though my internet is weak and intermittent.x

    1. You have embarked on such a wonderful adventure no wonder you missed Mabon, and then to have the horses arriving at midnight must have been so nerve-wrackingly exciting; hope they have settled. x


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