Saturday, September 30, 2017


Sinnington village - a short walk by the River Seven;  Sinnington is a pretty village, but has that empty feel of a place where everyone goes off to work and leave the cottages dreaming by the river.
Plenty of places to walk on the large green and by the river and if I could walk up the  hill, up to the church. 
The river has a rather languorous feel to it much prettier than our portion of the river Seven, with drooping branches and reflections from the leaves painted into the waters.  You are asked to contribute to the upkeep of the green by paying a small sum for parking the car.  The cottages by the way before pantiles and slate roofs came into being would have been thatched with ling heather.
I have written about the church before, and note that there are pieces of hogback Scandinavian graves in the walls as well as the Saxon which I wrote about in this blog.  Trouble is I need to take another set of photos as the ones I took are not good!
I just love shadowy trees reflected in brown water, the sun dancing in a million sparkles on the slow moving river.

This is a medieval packhorse bridge

the road bridge, much prettier than ours in Normanby


  1. Like the new header Thelma - intimations of Christmas?
    I liked Sinnington when I came years ago one evening with the WI - we had a meal in the Village Hall with Sinnington WI if I remember.

    1. Yes, I watch the holly berry turning slowly to red and hope the pigeons will leave them alone for the annual cutting for the church...

  2. I really like the stonework in other countries. So lovely and lasting to long with lots of tales.

    1. A lot of cottages recently built have the same style and stone to meld in with the old. Our house does, and you can see the geological story in the separate stones, still of course to fade to a gentle creaminess/greyness of old cottages.

  3. As you might have guessed I am partial to a church or three. That one looks amazing and I now want to visit it and see it for myself!

  4. Well due to the Scandinavian influence round here there is plenty to see. Lastingham and Kirkdale are two musts for Saxon and hogback graves as is Lythe church.


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