Friday, September 15, 2017

hats miscellany

Years ago I bought a little miniature shop, the maker was from Bath and had made the design to look a little bit  like Beckford's Tower, I made it into a hat shop, moulding the hats on the handle of a screwdriver, with I think wallpaper glue.  I remember collecting the little blue feathers from the budgerigar's cage in Victoria Park, the rest of the decoration came from bits and pieces, miniaturists collect!  So from the old collection of photos;  One of my grandchildren has it now, and is probably collecting dust on top of  a wardrobe.

I made roomboxes, historical as well as ordinary, the whole hobby came about because of the Georgian dollshouse I had bought my daughter and which I still have...


  1. Those hats are gorgeous! I have a couple in my house too.

  2. What fun. You love your miniature displays. Clever mini-millinary!

  3. What a lot of tiny, detailed work! It's all beautiful!


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