Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday 13th September

Well the predicted storm Aileen did not seem too wild last night.  It looks very wet and windy outside but we slept through the night, including Lucy.
Yesterday we went to the hospital, this normally takes up the day, this time because my wound is not healing properly and I had to have a blood test analysed, all was well.  York A&E is a busy place, we must have seen the large waiting room occupants change twice.  A lot of children bandaged, summer play accidents I suppose.  The staff are hardworking, and kept us up to date, even offering tea and sandwiches.  Our nurse was charming and escorted us through the endless corridors for the blood test. Should this terrible government lay one hand on the NHS we should all protest strongly, for it works. The computer system is very effective, and perhaps this one efficient technical wonder has streamlined the system, the only thing we noted was the over cautiousness of the doctors, should something seem not quite right.  This I blame on the 'compensation society' we have allowed to grow, it is a destructive force and solicitors should not be allowed to advertise their 'wares' on tv.  Think Dickens would have written a thoroughly damning book on the subject.
Lucy was deposited with Alison down the road, though her mum really looks after her.  She was perfectly happy when we picked her up had been out in the garden with Elaine, keeping her entertained in the kitchen, fetching shoes, upsetting a bowl of water.  She goes with a 'packed lunch' a toy and her bowl, and is supposed to occupy the dog room but her winning ways always get her privileges ;)
More photos, more for my own sake than just flooding my blog....  The first two are picturesque cottages in Avebury, a true Allingham painting of how the Victorian cottages would have looked if you forget the cars!  Of course they are creating the myth of Victorian England, white paint would not have existed, and they would have been in a poor state.

Tall hollyhocks, something I have never been able to grow

Pagans playing in the Red Lion pub, quite happily

A plague on off-roaders who defile our green lanes with their muddy sport

A gentler form of transport, this is all in the Avebury area.
The Chelmer river, which was our favourite walking place, Essex countryside can be exceedingly beautiful as well.


  1. Lovely photographs Thelma. We have many attractive cottages round here too and what always strikes me as I drive through is that they were built before the days of cars and so no garages were built and this means a huge plethora of vehicles despoiling the area each evening when work is over and people are back home.
    Agree about the NHS - mu daughter in law is in Pinderfields at Wakefield having a new hip and has had to go there because of underlying health problems. myson is going down to see her from the village here every night after work - he says her treatment is superb.

  2. I suspect through the media we only hear the 'bad news' about the NHS, what you find though when you actually attend, is good service, charming nurses and doctors, though I can't speak for every one of them, but they do work so very hard.

  3. Many of us in the US wish we had your health care. We are having tremendous political problems with this and meanwhile people suffer. Nothing is perfect, but yours seems to work well for most people.

    1. It does, except for the long waiting periods for operations, etc, something that is being addressed but I suppose there will never be a complete answer as more and more people need the service.

  4. Some lovely photos Thelma.

    I hope that you will soon be totally mended and able to wave cheerio to York Hospital. The NHS do a good job, but I too have noticed recently that they err on the side of caution.

    Our friends who came for tea and cake and chatter the other morning bought their rescue Spaniel Molly with them. She is so much more confident now - having been a brood bitch on a farm, never had other dogs to socialize with, and doesn't know how to play. She was kicked out (literally_ of a Landrover onto a quiet lane and abandoned. They took her in and she has rewarded them with her trust and affection. Lucy and her "packed lunch" etc made me smile!

    1. Hi Jennie, I know you spend a lot of time with doctors and hospital and it isn't always easy. Spaniels are lovable creatures, and it sounds as if Molly had a miserable life before your friends got her.
      Lucy is kept on a sort of diet of one chicken thigh plus 'lite' biscuits but is always hungry, or should that be begging....

  5. I loved my visit to Avebury in 2004. We took photos of the white thatched cottage and ate at the Red Lion. Stirred memories to see them again.

  6. Glad you enjoyed it, though it does get a tad crowded at times.


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