Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Olga Winsinger-Florien 1844-1926 Austrian painter

My change of header is about a cromlech in Pembrokeshire, approached either via a green lane or a farm track .  What I can remember is a vivid blue sky with this burial place hidden in the rocks overlooking the sea.  You had to pass a derelict school in the middle of nowhere, the children would have had to take the path up from the village, a social note how life changes within villages.

The painting above is taken from Women Artists in History, and reflects a glorious Autumn.  These paintings are culled from my F/B page, I know there is a lot of contemptuous turning up of noses  as far as f/B is concerned, but  well chosen articles can be part of the fare.  The Guardian articles are always there, radical as you would expect, loved a put down of Boris Johnson by Owen Jones....

"Johnson is an insult to our collective intelligence, and his continued presence as foreign secretary is an insult to the nation."

It is well known that Johnson lies for his own benefit, (bit like Trump) but Jones deduces that it is not in Theresa May's best interest to sack him, because that what Johnson wants a good excuse to be a martyr!

There was also a good article on 'fairies' and white thorn bushes in Ireland - Fairies and their right of ways and a thoughtful essay on Virginia Woolf on silence and loneliness.  Then there are one's friends and family coming through, you gather your news online and know that in that small world of yours, everything is well.

 Anthonore Christensen (Danish painter) 1849 - 1926

Don't ever eat Boletus
If the tube-mouths they are red
Stay away from the amanitas
Or brother you are dead.
And then there was this painting reminding me of those fairy toadstools to be found up on Wheeldale Moor and snatches from Gary Snyder poem about mushrooms...

                                                                   A far-flung friendly clan,
                                                                   For food, for fun, for poison
                                                                  They are a help to man.


  1. That twig on the side of the trunk of the silver birch has a distinct fairy look about it Thelma. Is this intended?
    I love the Cromlechs of Wales. When we lived in Wolverhampton many of our weekends and short holidays were spent in Wales and we visited on Music courses too - those Cromlechs are everywhere.

  2. Yes being born in Wolverhampton as I was, many of our weekend getaways were to Wales. Cooking breakfast by the side of the road was very exciting, we went to a farm not too far from where Bovey Belle lives now. Fished in the river accompanied by the farm pig, milked the cows and got the turkeys down from the trees where they all went to roost...

  3. I wondered if your header was the burial chamber at Manorbier - they are VERY similar.

    What an absolutely beautiful painting. I could look at that for hours.

    1. No Jennie, Carn Wynda belongs to that famous group along the coast near Newport. Yes definitely something to put on the wall. Our local auctioneer has plenty of seascape paintings and of course Whitby.

  4. Wow, the paintings are stunning. Would look lovely on any wall!!

    1. The problem is that they are always so expensive! But isn't it incredible, that so many excellent female artists are left out of the picture.


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