Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Wednesday 6th Sept.

Slowly my ankle heals, now I can totter, and totter is the word, around with a stick and I make my way slowly towards a goal which is to take the dog a walk ;).  Crab apples need to be picked for jelly. The hedgerows are full of Autumn treasures, crab apple trees are hanging heavy with the golden fruit, rose hips, hawthorn berries and the blackberry canes are already telling us that the devil is about!
We are lucky in this country for the moment, as we see the back of hurricane Harvey in America and welcome a new fiercer hurricane on to the block, this time Irma, we may moan about a lousy summer (it wasn't) but such fierce storms have not passed our way yet.  I wonder how the climate deniers will outface this latest storm, they grow in magnificence but of course destroy people and their lives. Bangladesh, Nepal and India storm ridden and flooding everywhere their people on the move, such absolute misery as their lives are wrecked.

The sun shines benignly on the garden this morning, I cannot help but contrast my world with this photo of children on fallen trees and yet there is nothing I can do, perhaps media brings home truths that are too unpalatable to swallow and cowardly we slip back into our cosy lives.


  1. I agree Thelma. There is so much misery and suffering in the world and it is brought into our living rooms by television and then we feel helpless because we can do nothing about it.

  2. I really don't know the answer Pat, other people have other lives, are we responsible for them? All the money in the world can't make poverty go away, must get back to walking to get some perspective......

  3. Its heart breaking to see those poor children suffering so! We do live in a little bit of paradise... Take care.

  4. Hallo Ana, you also live in a beautiful bit of England in Essex, we should be profoundly grateful that we enjoy such pleasure. Love your photos of the walks you take with Paula. X

  5. You've surely had a summer of being 'laid up'--as was the expression of an older generation in my native New England. I'm glad you're getting about a bit more with your 'stick' [cane] but wonder if the experience of a broken bone doesn't leave one feeling rather vulnerable.
    I think sometimes our sense of compassion becomes so stretched--there are the concerns and crises of immediate family and close friends, and then the news bringing us reports of such catastrophe and loss--about which, as noted, we can do nothing. An uneasy world, but so it has always been--I'm not sure 'instant news' is of benefit.

  6. Hi Sharon, you are perfectly right of course, 'instant news' all the time just ratchets up the anxiety.
    It is very true about feeling vulnerable when you have broken something, but there is also a sense of relief that there is an end to wobbling around ;)


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