Thursday, December 21, 2017

A Good Winter Solstice Day

Today. or at least around the 21st, we are gifted with the turning of the year, a return to the light.  To warm days eventually.  It is probably more important than the 25th for it is our old Earth just turning away from and then returning to the sun.  It will take time, the dark mornings disappearing slowly, the early evenings as it grows dark round 4 pm and we still have to move through the cold icy days of January and February, but it has started..................................
Amongst all the things that happen on this Earth, the natural rhythm of its relationship to the Universe should never be forgotten.  Bulbs that lie forgotten in the soil, will slowly unfurl their roots, the leaves will present tightly curled buds, we watch with anticipation as the natural world begins to unfold.  The swallow will return as will my favourite curlew, the owl will be replaced by the exultant song of the skylark, if ever a poem or prayer was needed it is now.  But all I could find was a song for Solstice.
There is also something good to watch on TV on Boxing Day, the BBC has adapted Jessie Burton's - The Miniaturist.  It will be difficult to get its subtle haunting tone of the mystery of the dollshouse.


  1. I absolutely loved the book Thelma and am hesitant about watching this in case it spoils the magic.

  2. Yes once you start putting actor's faces to the story, it just maybe wrong in your own head, or how you imagined the story.