Saturday, December 23, 2017


Yesterday my winged back chair arrived just in time for today, but as we unpacked  it soon became obvious that the two back legs were wobbly.  Looked like it had been dropped heavily on the legs. So rather disappointed and cross I emailed  Wayfair the people I had got it from with some photos.  Well knock me down with a feather, a rather nice email came back from them, not only were they going to send a replacement but I could keep the first chair as a gesture of good wiIl.

 I apologise for the condition that you have received the item in. Please accept my apologies. I have ordered you a replacement and in keeping with the season of good will. We are going to let you keep the original! May be now it is free you can repair it and then you have 2 beautiful chairs! If you do not want to keep it them feel free to dispose or donate it how you see fit.ll!

How is that for Christmas benovolence?  They are rather large, two would be a squash, but I am going to keep both and mend the first.

A couple of photos from Kirkbymoorside, a grey and bleak day as Lucy and I pottered around whilst Paul went to the dentist.  Lunch afterwards at the George and Dragon, and my interest is picqued (is that a word) by the fact that there were two castles in the town, and that a stream runs down by the church. Plenty of hostelries in K because it was the main coaching route between York and Scarborough

Cars are always a problem round these small cottages.

That large yellow building, which is now Bil and Rys Gallery must have been a pub in its younger days.
The fish and chip shop on the left hand side, fries her wares in lard, which oozes out of the chips as you eat them. yuk!

notice the tiny cottage/shop next to The Black Swan

The George and Dragon, is  next to the Bakers, next to Black Swan (oldest building in town)


  1. Good to hear that the company responded so positively to your chair.

  2. I find in most cases the companies are eager to keep the buyer happy. I am glad your order turned out so well.

  3. That is one town over your side of the county that I have ever visited. Looks lovely. I think this car/cottage problem is really common to ev

  4. I'll finish my comment now - must have pressed the wrong button -everywhere. Our village is the same. Most of the cottages were built long before cars were invented and cars build up at night on the roadside. There is really no answer is there>
    Happy Christmas to you all.

  5. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018.

    I am sure you will use that company again, for their kind gesture and prompt action.

  6. Thank you for your comments, and a Happy Christmas to you all.