Thursday, December 7, 2017

Thursday 7th December

A video of what has been happening at Kirkby Misperton over the last two months.  Several things stand out, firstly the use of force to push through fracking, is there no shame on the part of the Third Energy Group, our local politician, or even government, to use such tactics against the ordinary people of the country, the answer must obviously be no.  It reminds me of the Thatcher years and the brutality of putting down the miners and printers.  As country after country says no to fracking we are spending a large police bill on forcing it through in a small village in Ryedale.  
There are hysterical females campaigning, and they do their cause no good, but what comes out is the gentle nature of many people protesting and the genuine fear of what it could do to the countryside.
Democracy is  not here in the Kirkby Misperton village, just force to carry out a whim of the government, and it doesn't say much for our government!

But then,  can we cap the latest Trump fiasco, barging into a highly fraught situation and laying down his dictates as to the capital of Israel.  Does that man want war? or is he as truly ignoramus as  he seems.  People got cross in this country when he fired back at Theresa May after he had blunderingly posted videos of 'Britain First' on his Twitter account. Doubt that he will get an invitation to the next royal wedding..
But enough,  the fence is to be mended this Friday, luckily using most of the stuff that is lying on the ground.  Holly was lucky that the fence was not put up very well, it meant that her estate car just collapsed it without hurting any of the occupants inside the car.

The Christmas cards have been found! 


  1. When it come to riches or people, people always lose. We have the same problem here.

    We have bigger problems with trump. Most of us want this nightmare of his presidency to end. He does not represent the good people of the US and we are frightened and embarrassed by everything he says and does. We can’t believe this is happening to us and the world.

    I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

    1. There is one good thing about Trump he will eventually disappear but the chaos he has created will take a lot of undoing. Voting systems in most countries have a lot to answer for ;)
      Thank you for the good wishes and I trust you and your family will have a lovely festive time as well.

  2. I must say Thelma I am eternally grateful that I don't live in the U S.
    As for the fracking situation - I am appalled each time I see it on the local news. The level of violence always seems disproportionate to the number of protesters.

  3. Every time Trump opens his mouth is worrying. Wrote to our MP about the fracking, not that it will do much good, but Hollinrake is fully behind it, not sure government is though.