Monday, December 18, 2017

Christmas tidings

I cannot give you a Christmas tree as a message of Xmas cheer, because Lucy will pull it down and make a mess so we don't buy one, so I give you my favourite carol, which is not even a carol, for it accompanies the poor boar's head as it is brought into the dining hall.  1527 when it was written, a stately song to the feasting at this most festival of times.

so a good and happy christmas to you all, and a New Year which will not have too many surprises in store.  To all my blogging friends and visitors I raise a glass of my favourite tipple and send my love. xxx


  1. Your holiday is being celebrated your way and that is what makes festivals so special. Happy HOlidays, Merry Christmas.

  2. Reciprocated Thelma. Very Happy Christmas to everyone in your household over the festive season - Lucy included in spite of her habit of decimating Christmas trees.

  3. Thank you and a very Happy Christmas to you too!