Sunday, December 31, 2017

Sunday December 2017

My fingers hover not sure what to write...... Could I moan about Lucy keeping me up half the night, slamming the kitchen door, trailing up to the bedroom, back and forth she goes flicking the safety light on and off - wretched dog ;)  She is hyper and probably needs a couple of calming tablets but then she will sleep all day and be awake tonight - decisions, decisions.
People are calculating how the old year went off before the New Year makes an appearance.  How can I judge from the calmness of village life, from where I stood the rest of the world looked in a sorry state, but then, was that not to do with the media and their preoccupation with bad news?  There was a time we did not have 24 hours news, when the world carried on with its wars and cruelty and we just did not know.  Do I want that time back?  The sad thing is we do have to know if only to nag politicians and sign petitions.  I have signed so many petitions this year, many to do with cruelty to animals, the Soi Foundation which deals with dogs farmed for meat in such a cruel manner.  Bears farmed for their bile and kept in small cages all their lives. Did you know that the Japanese who kill whales and dolphins have now fitted their whaling ships with military devices so that such organisations such as Greenpeace cannot locate them.  I won't even take you to the cove where dolphins are slaughtered and turn the waters red.  Cruelty to animals is echoed in cruelty to humans, war is a nasty business, killing children, raping women, lining the men up to shoot them into trenches so that they can be easily buried out of sight.
Gosh what gloom and despondency has struck me this morning, could it be the weather for normally there is always optimism in my soul and a feeling that life is there for living.  We are strange creatures I have just watched a Utube video of a dowser (he has just died) telling the assembled company that energies are to be found in the stones, this time Wayland Smithy, probably one of my favourite long barrows, or even Stoney Littleton barrow which at this time of the Winter Solstice has the light  of the sun chasing down the passageway into the chambers.

Wayland Smithy in Autumn  -

New Year Greetings - will it work?

Edit;  Jo has just been round to say that if they stay up long enough they will ring the bells of the church at midnight, would we mind?  Course not with the fireworks from the pub on the other side we shall be awake anyway;)  We talked of tadpoles and ponds, and she supplied all the garden centres that sell such stuff for the making of ponds...Here we come Spring!


  1. That's better. So pleased you ended your post on a high note.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Exotic places nearby! Have a great New Year's Eve and maybe the new year will mellow out.

  3. Thank you everyone and a Happy New Year to you all. xxx