Sunday, December 3, 2017

Sunday 3rd December

The snow has disappeared, the weather is warmer for a brief moment, and festive cheer gallops nearer.  Yesterday we sorted the money from the quiz do which was a few hundred pounds sitting about.  Harriet eventually presented her bill and the remaining money we took up to the treasurer and sat in the kitchen with a cup of tea and talked.  Keith has made a lovely display (to be put on a board) of the village history, and down the centre each house named in the village, so useful in this time when we order things and they have to be delivered by carrier.
As the photos were mostly late 19th century/20th century it clearly showed how the village had changed.  For instance there are but three children here whereas there would have been about 50 children attending the school in the building which once stood in in Jill and David's front garden.  As the cars go by they pass the Forge just across the road, where many a horse would have been shod.  We discussed the way public footpaths have been closed down as the 'surbubanites' mark their territory.  There is one footpath that Keith and Paul started clearing but as it goes past the once rather substantial rectory there is dissent from the owners, who doesn't want strange people walking past her home. mmmm

This is Willow House, home to Margaret Wood, who lived all her life here as the house slowly crumbled around her, you can see the sag in the roof.  Now two modern houses occupy the site, the land around which she owned sold off over the years.  A sad end I must find her gravestone in the churchyard.

Photos taken from the web.


  1. Village history can become fascinating can't it/ The village I lived in was very old and we had classes and at the end the tutor produced a book.

  2. Keith has written a book about the people of the village, also a timeline as well. Another book was written by a late owner of the pub, so different in the last hundred years!