Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday - photographs

This will be a short journey from Whitby to Pickering and then home.  First I must start at a coffee shop in Whitby, Sherlocks, a mock Victorian atmosphere but excellent coffee, sandwiches and cakes.

You sit under bookshelves of old books surrounded by Viictorian knick-knacks.  It is on Flowergate, an old part of Whitby that winds down to the water.  Facing you on the opposite side is Whitby Abbey, in Flowergate just off one of the passage ways was the cottage, now long gone but missed.

After coffee up to Sainsbury to pick up the computer, and to note that Homebase is closing down there.  But before the trip home, the car has to be washed at a very competent garage, scary for Lucy as the cleaning arms bear down on the car. (She had a hissy fit in the night).  
And then we hit the countryside................You will see the weather and clouds change as we progress over the moor.  We live in the Vale of Pickering, if you were to take the road to York from Pickering you would go across the Vale of York, which can be one of the coldest places in England.

This is Fylingsdale, our seeing/listening eye on the world

Looking toward the pale shape of our Howardian hills in the gathering gloom

We arrive in Pickering with its long road of small cottages and traffic problems....

Tractors are everywhere, even through the centre of town.

Then the last run through our narrow lanes, past the bank that once carried a railway round the local area.  


  1. Such wide open spaces. To me being able to get out of the city and drive by such horizons is very peaceful.

  2. Well as you can see all photos are taken from the car. The North York moors can be desolate in winter, in fact the roads are closed down if there is heavy snow. What I love is the wide open skies.

  3. We do cloud formations rather well in Yorkshire don't we?

    1. Beautifully. The clouds are always spectcular against the brown of the moors. The old Saltergate Inn has also been completely flattened, not a brick to be seen.


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