Wednesday, October 17, 2018


On Monday we had a meeting over the next village event which was 'quiz night'.  Three events a year and we discussed a further fourth one.  My idea of a dressing up party, and Lyn and Pam came up with 'Vicars and Tarts', no , not really!  I like Goths, but that did not go down too well either.  So today I have looked through old photos and come up with the following, makes you think doesn't it, the courage of people to go out dressed in different clothes....
Tom, Ben and Matilda amongst the Star Wars crew.  Practically grown up now these three, Lillie was yet to make an appearance on the scene

mingling with the crowd

Strolling along the prom
We had had a 'war weekend' in Pickering, it rained most of the time but Lyn and Pam had gone in an old MG midget with hard top that leaked and got soaked of course, reminds me of my old Austin Healey Sprite and the flapping roof.
As I write Robert Macfarlane and Norman Ackroyd are talking in an artistic programme at the moment. I go and check on Ackroyd, and am overawed by his work.... A painting of pure magic.

What do artists do all day?


  1. Our 1940s week end here in our little town is always a huge success and brings in crowds of tourists for the cafes and shops. I can't say I like it really as it always seems to me to rather glorify war - but it is popular.
    Love the painting and the video.

  2. I suppose it does give people the chance to dress up but sad when it rains. Never heard of Norman Ackroyd till I listened to the programme.


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