Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Sunday to tuesday

Sunday morning, already I am feeling sad because my son will depart at some stage today.  They both seem impressed with the place, Ephraim still rants loudly as ever on the injustices in the world, till I call a halt.
We 'did' Rievaulx Abbey yesterday resplendent in its valley, hidden from the world but not the tourists, and then to Helsmley, delicious pies bought from the delicatessen, everyone sat eating it on the steps around the monument.  Then a pint at the Feathers, where Lucy disgraced herself when she snapped out at a poodle.
The kitchen untidy with Mark's stuff, a constant reminder of his diabetes, they both ate like horses, Friday night we ate out next door, they seemed to love the novelty of everything but not our '2 G' reception for internet.
Now they have made the journey, at enormous speed in the old BMW down the motorway, they will probably be back again, and that is good.  And weirdly they go for the jazz to the Bell inn in Bath down Walcot Street.

Picking up where I left off.  Do you know I am still sad that Mark has gone, but I realise he has grown up and lives his own life.  We went up to the moors Sunday morning, Autumn is so beautiful round here at the moment, I mean to capture it on camera.
Ephraim is a real firebrand, he has a negative attitude to life, never seeing the good, always the worst and he has left my brain thinking it has the wrong aspect.  I have to bring it back to centre my life ;)

Okay I am not a conservative, but the attacks on Theresa May are uncalled for, is it because she is a woman?  Isn't  changing the leadership half way through the Bxxxxx issue  really stoopid! And maybe having a second referendum to get your own way, a gamble that may not pay anyway.  Those are the words of a 'remainer' accepting fate in what ever colour it comes in.....

And just the cherry on the cake, Lucy's pet insurance has just come through this morning for next year, £450 to be precise, which seems expensive but then vet's bill???  And note it is via the internet, so I shall have to print the form - cheek!


  1. Like you I am not a conservative and I voted remain but I do agree about these attacks on Teresa May - how she is keeping going with all that is going on I cannot imagine. At least she didn't desert the sinking ship as Cameron did. As for negative attitude to everything political - my son is a bit like that. I do try to look on the bright side.

    1. I think there is too much speculation at the moment, and because of social media, here I am thinking of Twitter, people express themselves too freely. What will be will be ;)

  2. I am on the center left (because we need to compromise to make things work)but the way politics are today, it is either far right or far left and it is all so horrible and damaging. The way that the man in the White House dismissed Theresa May and Angela Merkel was disgraceful (his middle name). He does this to many, but especially women with power. Sometimes I think we have gone one step forward and two steps backwards but I just try to keep hope alive and believe that both the UK and the USA will find a way to get out of the messes we find ourselves in these days.

    Our pets are expensive luxuries, but people, like me, will do anything for them. They are worth every penny.

    1. It is like going back to the old days with your president but is also manifesting itself as well here. We should live on equal terms, men and women - our differences are our strength not weakness.


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