Sunday, October 7, 2018

Sunday, 7th October

The cold has descended,  a slightly frosted front lawn, virginia creeper turning a reddish-brown, the red geraniums starting to fear the cold.  Yesterday I made a trip to the garden centre, two 'Powis Castle' artemisia, silvered as the frost but such a dignified name! Two more small shrubs to fill this bed that runs the entire length of the garden, backed by over enthusiastic virginia creepers and ivy, these climbers have waltzed away all summer creeping cross the bed onto the gravel driveway.  Here  in the tangled vines the myriad of sparrows disappear into their leafy groves, to build nests and shelter from the weather.
I am greeted every morning by the sharp twitterings of the robin, who obviously welcomes another early riser and for me the sight of Lucy fast asleep on the sofa.  Yesterday early evening we went next door for a meal at the pub, not with Lucy this time, so that we could dine in their small restaurant.  Paul had barbecued ribs, whilst I had Chicken Normanbie, very creamy, but I bought most of the chicken home for Lucy, whilst I ate the creamy mushroom sauce with chips!  Our appetites get smaller the older we grow, and rich desserts afterwards are not eaten.  But it was a happy meal, and we came back and watched Harry Potter and the death of Sirius his godfather.  Always the forces of evil against the force of good.  Paul noticed that Netflix is to run/make the C.S.Lewis books of Narnia.  Netflix seems a force for the good as well, giving us so much more in the TV world.

a lone pheasant 

geraniums looking sad

visitors, the squirrel always makes an appearance for the sunflower seeds.

I love the leaf of the perennial geranium


  1. I always think perennial geraniums are such good value in a garden. I have quite a collection now and as you say the leaves are as good as the flowers.
    My annual geraniums are also looking sad but they have given good service this year enjoying the hot weather. I was always reminded of the old Italian ladies dressed in black watering their pots of geraniums in Arezzo when I watered mine!

    1. I am always reminded of dark brown wooden houses in Switzerland with the bright red of the geraniums out front. The old houses of course lodged cattle underneath to keep the house warm. Our medieval long houses had the cattle alongside.


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