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Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Somerset.  Okay, Tom Stephenson mentioned  Jacob Rees Mogg and like a fish having a worm dangled in front of her nose I dived in - cannot stand the man.  So on hunting for him through Twitter found him at one of my favourite places, which is Stanton Drew Stone Circle yesterday.  He is the candidate for Midsomer Norton, which is but a few miles from Bath.
My mind began to question why on earth was he standing lonely surrounded by megalithic stones. Then the word 'symbolism' came swanning through my brain, he was drawing our attention to our 'ancestors'.  Sods law will probably tell him that they emigrated across the channel from Europe, if not before when there was a land bridge between us and them.  He mentioned a song by Adge Cutler, front singer of 'The Wurzels' popular in their time for their Somerset renditions of terrible songs, I will put a video down below.
Now Stanton Drew Stone circle is I think the third largest stone circle in Britain, not as popular as Stonehenge and Avebury, and slightly way out in the countryside but spectacular in its own quiet way, and somewhere I would go for peace and quiet.  Before the stone circle, archaeologist had discovered that timbered posts laid out in nine  concentric circles was had been built, in fact before the stones were set in place.  Similar wooden posts have been found at Stonehenge.  The fascinating thing about Stanton Drew is that in the pub garden, set adjacent to the church is 'The Cove' thought at first to be three stones set together but now it is thought in fact was a Neolithic long barrow.  Note the proximity of church to prehistory, always fascinating.  Just type Stanton Drew Stone Circle into search and you will find photos.
So JRM your analogy is rather poor, as was the history book you wrote, but you do strike a pose with some aplomb, even though you are an absolute idiot!

Okay it is funny, but we will never go back to those 1960s days of dialect nostalgia, our world has grown up since........................

Later edit JRM at Stanton Drew


  1. JRM makes my flesh creep.

  2. It was fun to listen to that music.

    I looked up Mr. Mogg on the all knowing Wikipedia as, although I have heard his name, I knew little about him. We have many similar politicians.

    1. You should listen to "I've got a brand new harvest combiner" - smile. But poor Adge was killed driving his fast sports car, probably from drinking too much 'zyder'

  3. "Note the proximity of church to prehistory, always fascinating."

    This is always fascinating, to me too!!!!

    *Scratch* most of your Christian churches, and you will find, a Holy Well, somewhere. -grin- Love it!


    1. Well Paul and I went round looking for evidence and there is some of course. I reckon it was those first Celtic 'saints' as they travelled, preaching by the side of the pagan temples or stones and eventually a church was built.

  4. Poor man (not in the financial sense I hasten to add) - does anybody like him?

  5. Do you know Pat I almost feel sorry for him cast out into the wilderness, the court jester is not funny anymore!


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