Monday, October 19, 2020

Avebury Manor

A broken pediment, my first introduction

There are other things to find at Avebury, one of course is the Manor House, this particular view of it is my favourite. To be truthful I do not visit National Trust properties, I find it an expensive use of time, though I will love the gardens.  Many, many years ago I did visit and all I can remember was a cheap coverlet on one of the four poster beds.  Paul's brother worked here as a volunteer and that is all I know about the place.

View from the South - Wiki photo - Jurgen Maten

The land and the buildings passed through several hands but originally it was a small Benedictine priory belonging to a larger French mother house.  And it turned into the rather beautiful house above.  Crafted loveliness in my opinion.

Its Wiki history can be found here.


  1. Who was the journalist who lived there a few years ago? I can't remember his household name.

  2. Don't know, my interest begins and ends with Alexander Keiller, the marmalade king who also lived there.


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