Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Wednesday 28th October

 I know all our thoughts are with Pat and her stay in hospital and all we can do is wish her well and also her family and friends who must be very worried. So love and strength to her recovery from her hip operation.

Early in the morning and the wretched smoke alarm is going every minute or so.  I presume it needs it battery changing, though I thought electric alarms would look after themselves.  The kitchen also has eight of those silly little lights, three of which needs replacing.  We have had a couple of short blackouts which could be the problem.

The fate of the hens seemed to be drawing to a conclusion if Rosina doesn't take them Jo over the road will, though I think it is  the runs that are the prize.  Chatting to Jo yesterday and they seem to be enjoying this enforced lockdown by going out in their camper van.  I suppose town criers can bellow out the news in the fresh air.

Weather is wet, a rather stormy day a couple of days ago as leaves and twigs hit the windows,  it is the start of the grey dampness of Autumn.  Talked for a long time to my two children, are they always children when in fact they are grown-up adults.  They are both happy in their lives, my grandchildren are all almost grown-up as well, did I ever think that such a tragedy as the pandemic would strike the world, it blankets the world in misery.  Forget the cost and protect those that are young, that starve in far off camps.  

And now for photos to bring some memories back, when the sky was a glorious blue and people walked round freely!


The old coke house hatch

York Minster

Tourists in York

York Station

Bylands abbey


Hutton - le-Hole outside a favourite pub


  1. I like the bollard in the last photo.

  2. Wishing Pat all the luck in the world from South Yorkshire as well; her blog is the first I read each day.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures. I had to stop to read about Byland Abbey. I have to tell you that it always takes my breath away to imagine touching the walls of something built in the 1500s. It's a beautiful site to see.

  4. Wishing Pat all the best.

    Why is it that whenever house alarms signal a need for a new battery, it always occurs in the middle of the night? In the US, they usually suggest replacing batteries whenever the time changes--a kind of reminder.
    One year our carbon monoxide detector went off--full blast--at 1 am. I was the only one who heard it. It was, in fact, caused by a leak from our wood stove that had been serviced earlier that day, but not properly sealed. I had to go around waking everyone up to make sure they hadn't been overcome, but then couldn't get the alarm to stop shrieking until I finally ripped it off the wall and threw it out the front door. Safety first, eh?

    1. Good story ;) keep forgetting to get a carbon monoxide detector, but I suppose if I start lighting the wood burner should have one.

  5. Thinking of Pat as she recovers after surgery. Do you get to speak to her? Please send her my best wishes if you do. Thanks!

  6. Now to everyone worrying about Pat, I know as little as everyone else but I am sure she must feel all your best wishes. All I do know that when she comes out of hospital her life will be changed somewhat and keeping her happy must be our job as well.


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