Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Rejigging old Blog

Clearing the mind and sliding in
to that created space,
a web of waters streaming over rocks,
air misty but not raining, seeing this land from a boat on a lake
or a broad slow river, coasting by....
step back again and gaze at the land;
It rises and subsides -
ravines and cliffs like waves of blowing leaves-
stamp the foot, walk with, clap! turn,
the creeks come in, ah!
strained through boulders, mountains walking on the water,
water ripples every hill.
Old ghost ranges, sunken rivers, come again
stand by the wall and tell their tale
walk the path, sit the rains,
grind the ink, wet the brush, unroll the
broad white space
lead out and tip
the moist black line.
Endless Streams and Mountains - Ch'i Shan Wu Chin
My Northstoke blog is being spring cleaned and sadly has been inadvertently deleted but I shall put some of my old bits and pieces back again eventually but perhaps in a different order.

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