Thursday, August 19, 2010

All packed and nowhere to go for the moment

Its a tidying the house, packing day today, books sorted, maps for various people at the megameet who are coming from afar, emails written and so like a dinner party you wait for the guests in anticipation and nervousness on my part. In theory we all just meet up for the Avebury megameet and have a picnic somewhere in the circle, and if it rains (which it has done quite often) in the pub, but it does'nt necessarily work out that way!

There is a dig going in the water meadows next to Silbury, they are looking at the Roman settlement that once stood here by the Kennet and presumably Swallowhead Spring, will it be a local 'sacred' spring for the Romans I wonder? Verlucio, or the Sandy Lane settlement beyond Calne looks like it had a watery connection as well - all very exciting. And of course the other side of Marlborough settlement, this time Cunetio at Mildenhall has the same watery connection - somewhere on this blog is the story about the ghostly wraiths that haunt the Kennet at Mildenhall.

Now for a moan about Chelmsford; things I like in shops which sadly are not found in this fair Roman town... the Kitchens shop in Bath, full of everything you could want in a kitchen, expensive for sure but for browsing a cornucupia of beautiful cookware, Lakeland does'nt even come close.

Materials, for patchwork, etc, though I admit Cathy Kidston is over the top in her floral designs, but a browse round her shop gives you ideas. Laura Ashley of course for the little 'victorian print', and the expensive clothes to browse, but there is a cheaper patchwork shop tucked away behind M&S that has rows of graduated coloured materials that greet the eye that I miss...

Ikea is a place my love refuses to go, it seems mostly males that shy away from this vast warehouse of Scandinavian furniture, materials and exotic rugs, though there is the extra treat of coffee and cakes at the end. And then of course there is Rossiter's of Bath, not a place I can afford but their elegant deep coloured settees are something to hanker after!


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