Sunday, August 15, 2010

Horses again

Who can resist these gorgeous echinacea

A new garden created this year

Retrievers and collie

The wheat being cut

Stand off

Show off
A walk down to our local along the river, produced some photos that will bring back memories for us. The grey, rather dirty horse, decided to put on a show for us and its owner as we stood chatting. The bucket over the head (he's got through 6 recently) is accompanied by a lot of dancing around, then said bucket is deposited at the end of the field; then in true arab style he high kicked up and proceeded to be frightened of it, not sure if he is'nt called Heathcliff. The rather grumpy chestnut, is going slightly grey and is 19 years old, but obviously loved dearly by his owner. The owner lives in the rather large house next to the field, and was out taking her dogs for a walk, all beautiful, the retriever is kept on a lead, or will disappear into the river for three hours at a time, or until someone goes into the river and hauls him out! Bracken the collie just needs hugs and attention.....

And who can resist an old softie


  1. Arabs are SO bright! My lad used to have some tricks and funny ways about him, bless.

    Your garden looks gorgeous - difficult to start from scratch . . .

  2. That garden is amazing! Is it yours?

    I love your blog. But you know that.

    Miss W

  3. No it is'nt my garden, it's just recently been planted by the council, so has that 'just perfect' look for the moment. The cone flowers(who's name escapes me for the moment)is of course a herbal tonic or something...


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