Monday, August 30, 2010

Megameets - mini and large

Yesterday we went to our Essex mini megameet, held at a beer festival, the photo above gives some idea of its popularity. The little pub set in the midst of woodland attracts a lot of people, the weather was somewhat uncompromising, there was a larger marquee, under which many people sat. Dry at first, suddenly a great gust of wind blew up sending two of the table umbrellas twirling into the air, then a heavy burst of rain so that all outside people moved into the marquee. This is autumn weather, and as people rolled down the flaps of the marquee, I think some thought it would take off, though it was weighed down by beer kegs. A little boy sat unconcernedly under a table keeping dry and playing his game box!
The earlier megameet at Avebury was very successful, everyone turning up and chattered away in the pub. Avebury itself was full of people, as always of course and there is talk of another one soon.

This is one of the moved Winterbourne Bassett stones from the supposed stone circle that existed in the field over the lane. Funnily enough we met the man who had moved it several years ago in another pub where we were having a meal with friends.

The Cove with visitors..

And this, to show Silbury mound just peeping above Waden Hill now that the wheat crop is cut. Is it an alignment? the great obelisk stone (now no longer in existence) doesnt seem to be focussed on it though.

The Winterbourne Bassett stone from behind, grasses already turning autumn gold

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