Friday, August 27, 2010

Still homesick for Wales

What else, apart from the welsh cromlechs that I have written about elsewhere, the Bishop's Palace at St.David, it is so 'wedding cakeish' with its fancy ornamentation, beautifully executed stonework and a place where the bishops of this small town must have hosted the weary travellers or pilgrims. Picturesque ruins is one of the charms of Wales, and the way to approach the cathedral is to go through the town and park at the little car park signposted. The secret is to go down the little paved path to the left of the car park, and you will get a sense of all the ruined buildings that made up the palace. The stones of the footpath are old, worn by time, the path takes you over the river and by a lovely small field still with ancient remains in.

Newgale, a bleak spot by the sea but with an enormous beach that seems to stretch endlessly. Its along the road to Solva, breasting a hill, the road ahead seems to head straight for the sea but luckily at the bottom it curves round the huge bank of stones that ptotect the camping area from flooding. The tides were high this time around, sand bags clustered around the cottages in Lower Solva, a high tide mark of just under 7 metres - not sure if it was'nt due to a full moon.

And of course a visit to a fellow blogger and friend who lives in the fastness of Wales, up a long zigzagging narrow lane near to the beautiful River Cothi to visit their home. It was so Welsh, lots of Welsh antiques every where, a gorgeous house that oozed history (and ghosts) but not frightening in anyway. Typically a house that over the century had been added on to, a Georgian room, 8 bedrooms! covered in beams and the small adjoining house at the back which was a delight. I still can't quite believe that the old cupboards bought from a theatre housed an attendant ghost who sang opera one night ;).... Boveybelle and her husband had worked on this house for years, and you can see the love and care that has gone into every wooden beam restoring it from a very uncared state all those years ago, think I'd be sad to leave it.....

And last of all the Cambrian Pub where we ate, this is for LS who loves his food and especially sea food, of which there is an abundance of in Solva. The little bridge of the river and next door the chapel converted into a shop cum studio featuring Raul Speek gallery of art work.


  1. I recognize that house!!! Great photos, both of St Davids and here. It was LOVELY to meet you both and I hope that you may come and visit in our next house too - though Lord knows when we will get a buyer here. Patience is going to be necessary, I fear . . .

  2. Hi Jennie,
    you should recognise it, should have taken more photos, especially of the outside but I became absorbed in detail and forgot to take more....
    Stones are preoccupying me now, see you went to the beach yesterday and had a good day out ;)


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