Friday, July 15, 2011

keeping up;

(Actually now I come to think of it, this morning the obstreperous tones of  John Humphries and the more gentler speech of Evan Davies did not greet my ears at 6 , thought that the Murdoch regime had spiked the BBC, but no, it was strike action by BBC staff, probably to do with pensions and pay, but of course that is a continuing saga across the country....)

Friday, not much has happened this week apart from the great scandal, Murdoch and company.  Politicians have been falling over themselves to denounce the terrible three, mmmm were these the same people who wined and dined with them all these years, fawning at the feet of the great media tyrant ..  Rebeckah Brookes and James Murdoch, plus Rupert are to give testimony at the hearing which is a bit of a surprise but fleeing the country is not really on I suppose, especially as more hacking is appearing in America.  As more scandals emerge daily, I suspect the notorious three will distance themselves away but the empire seems 'broke' at the moment - hurrah. Now for the debt crisis which lurks like a pike underwater waiting to rise to the surface, how can countries owe so much money?
Packing for going away to Wales, the house is scented right through with the smell of lilies, it must float through the windows. Containers for as many plants as possible so they will remain watered. The weather changes each day, more rain now but it is still very dry. And a couple of photos of my grandchildren who obviously love living by the sea.....

Lillie as cheeky as ever, and Matilda scarred by a badly aimed tennis racket but still dragging her Ugg boots around in summer!


  1. Good to get away for the troubles of this country and enjoy time with children who see the world as a time to play.

  2. Your grandchildren are delightful. As for the NOTW fiasco, let's hope the "baddies" get their comeuppance.

  3. Beautiful children!

    There seems to be a new development with News International every time I turn on the radio. There now appears to be a very deep seam of corruption in so many areas of public life. I don`t think we have seen the last resignation in "high places".

    Enjoy Wales, and I hope the rain stops for you.

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