Saturday, July 23, 2011

Porth-Y- Rhaw promontory fort.

Porth-y-Rhaw cove 

Stopping at Nine Wells just outside of Upper Solva, park in the little NT car park, admire the wells on the right, and then take the path down to the sea on  the left.  It traces a watery way through lichen covered hawthorns, so twisted and bent it is as if time stood still. Old trees lie fallen to your left whilst on the right of the path, the cliff/hill stretches upward.  You come to a gate, and a small cove is some distance in front of you. The path meanders down to the sea, there are still reminders of an old medieval mill, stones glimpsed through the meadowsweet flowers that inhabit the marshy ground, the pond for the mill stands higher up.

marshy ground

Taking the coast path to the left and you are immediately confronted with Porth-y-Rhaw promontory fort the defensive banks falling down to the path. Middle Iron Age, there was a small excavation in 1999, and 8 roundhouses were uncovered on the tip of the promontory, the following explanation shows how they were arranged.

The promontory fort

Unknown flowers

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  1. Somewhere we haven't visited Thelma. It would make a lovely day out from here. I think your unknown flowers are Betony.

    A fascinating little site, especially with the re-making of glass beads as well as the metal working evidence.


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