Sunday, July 3, 2011

One World Garden - Hyland House

This garden was created a few years iago, the colouring is soft - greys pink ,whites and a lot of gentle lilac and purple colours.
The hand built walling that leads you into the round small spaces of the garden has no mortar, just grey colouring with the occasional brown in the stone. Tranquility must be the theme and peace of course, it was part of a Boys Scout Jamboree for boys from all over the world and plaques commemorate this and lottery money was given for the garden. The Japanese type tearoom entrance, with the water coming from a basin which in turn circles round the different areas of the garden leading you on. Bamboos vie with rhodendrom in one part, whilst the flowers have the softest palette of colour. Grasses come in all shapes and sizes, but not any of the over-coloured grasses that seem the garden centres favourite, or even that terrible 'sophisticated black grass'!
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Golden grasses looking out to the wildflower meadow
this is part of a circular garden, the flower bed is divided by small hedges.
Penstemons are planted here (one of my favourite)
Look very carefully at the bottom of the photo, and you may just spot the humming bird hawk moth

Southernwood and campanulas

cool colours, white astilbe and grasses

This Japanese style wooden hut is the entrance from here the water flows alround the garden

Hostas complimented by the soft pink and lilac of perennial geraniums

ornamental grasses are used everywhere

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  1. This does appear to be a very pastel and tranquil garden--just enough spots of brighter color to enliven it.
    I like wildflower meadows--I want to think they just "happen"--but have read of great efforts to create one.


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