Friday, July 29, 2011

New arrivals

This little frog in the bowl we keep for the birds to drink from, suddenly arrived whilst we were away. Whence he came from is a mystery, no ponds around here, I have given him a piece of piping to sit on so that he can presumably eat the gnats and suchlike that lay their larvae in water.  He is now added to the fauna of the garden with the hedgehog who lives under the shed and the squirrel who patiently goes through the bread (looking for sunflower seeds) thrown out for the birds.
Though I don't 'own' any creatures at the moment, do feed a cat occasionally that comes looking for food, and of course the birds, so the garden is getting quite full.

The Avebury megameet, which happens each year, its a gathering of people interested in old prehistoric stones, and for us all to meet up from different parts of the country, though with the price of petrol it is getting more difficult.  Well as I also belong to a Heritage action group, had to take photos of these miscreant sheep rubbing themselves against the stones and producing a 'lanolin line' on the stones.  Still they were no worse than some German cyclists who were climbing the stones but they did  climb down after someone remonstrated with them.... 


  1. The Lanolin Line - I like that! Reminds me of the Nibble Line on gorse bushes on Dartmoor!

    You obviously have the right habitat for a frog or he wouldn't be there
    : )

  2. On the Journal it went up as 'Greasy Layabouts at Avebury'. He is rather sweet the frog and seems 'at home' and doesn't disappear when we peer at him, also looked up the diet of hedgehogs for LS when I'm away in Whitby next week, what they eat is quite comprehensive and you are supposed to feed them in gardens....


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