Saturday, November 24, 2012

Buseok Temple

Yesterday we did some birthday shopping both of us having birthdays around xmas (sadly). My love's choice is Maplin home to the myriad things that are technical and computer rated, this time we came out with a slide converter - it changes old slides into proper photographs on your computer.  But whilst in the shop I found some speakers for my laptop, and now I have more wires hanging out everywhere.  Of course I can now listen to music on Youtube, so Mozart's clarinet and flute music, Lark Ascending, Teenage Kicks and Dire Straits are variously explored as no doubt a lot more to follow when I can remember their names!
We went on to have lunch at the Viper pub (a shared sandwich), nestling in the woods, you can walk along the trackway opposite to some cottages that must have been an old hamlet in its time.  The cottages are pretty but of course belong to the rich now, unfortunately I did not take photos, but the autumn shapes of the trees were beautiful, leaves have all but gone but there were golden mellowed thick woods on the drive there. They edge the fields so sharply these woods.
There are autumn colours in this video of Buseok Temple in Korea, another land, another religion, enjoy.....

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