Sunday, November 4, 2012


Family have departed, (and have arrived home safely in Whitby) the house sinks quietly back into itself, until we see them again.  They all grow so quickly, Tom arrives on the train Friday evening, the others have arrived a couple of hours earlier.  Grab my camera for the reunion between Tom and Lillie, she comes scampering down the stairs rushing through the sitting room and throws herself at him.  Her slave, she adores him and has missed ordering him around, big hugs all round she clambering all over him in her excitement. But he seems to have has already grown in confidence at uni and answers all the many, many questions fired at him by his mother, seems to be settling in well.
They all go go shopping the next day, we stay behind, shopping is not my favourite pastime, they have a family lunch at their favourite restaurant and then in the afternoon take Tom to the station.  As they walk back Lillie starts to cry as she realises Tom has once more disappeared, "we are not a family anymore" she says and of course sets her mother off in tears as well, but he will be back for the xmas hols......
In the evening when we are playing with the dolls house I tell her the tale of Tom aged about five tying up the Victorian dolls with a chain and stabbing them with the spear she has found, and it brings back memories of my miniature work and the 'Farleigh Hungerford' hall i had created in which he had hung the dolls! She of course plays the same game, with the witch doll, the dolls house is once more in a mess and will take a couple of hours to sort tomorrow, think I will buy her a room box to play with.  My spinning wheel has been spun within an inch of its life, so that the string falls off and it will need realigning.....

Shopping she has brought herself a large Enid Blyton - Brer Rabbit stories, Matilda has bought the hoodie she wanted, Ben buys himself some sport shoes.  Each child is very special, Lillie being the youngest hogs the limelight for the time being. Fireworks have been going off the last two nights, though it has rained very heavily through the day, and snow in the West country, apparently it is the remains of the Sandy storm which has wreaked such havoc in America.

The journey home.


  1. Yes, I know that "we're not a family any more" feeling when one of more of my children is not here. Danny moves out at the weekend, so we really WILL be bereft then. Roll on Christmas.

  2. Good and bad times, they move on into the world but then leave all those memories behind. Sure Danny will manage as the girls did, and there is always plenty of room when they move back in ;)

  3. I hate that empty house feeling but have it rarely. Once my son gets older I fear it will be a more common thing!