Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Cats

This is more a photographic record of yesterday going to the Cats pub for lunch, we have not been out for weeks, so the splendid autumn colours were a bonus.  Have decided to dye some wools, a whole range in the lemony/orange/buff/brown coloured leaves would be fun but I am thinking of a waistcoat for someone, so a palette of browns,violets and greys at the moment, dipped in weaker and weaker solutions should give interesting graduations.

This is a favourite patch of lane, you can see that Essex is not all flat,  in early summer the verges will be white with  cow parsley and stitchwort.

The Cats only opens a few days a week, it is run by Wally who collects steam engines and Anne who makes the following delicious ploughman's.  No dogs (or children) are allowed and you always see the same faces no matter how  long you have been away.
Essex horse in 'emperor' purple coat,  he stares down regally at us but then flips his heels and canters away
These untidy four made us laugh, they have a great steel rack of hay to the side which accounts for  somewhat untidy appearance.  Think they were looking for an aperitif of apples and carrots

Should have moved further away for this picture

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