Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skinny cat

Because of the work that is done in the studio, delicate Japanese scrolls, animals are not allowed in the house because of hairs, but it doesn't mean I cannot feed 'Skinny' cat, when she comes calling.  Slender but fed elsewhere, I think her owner must be out all day because lunch time Skinny will occasionally be found asleep on a garden chair and wake up hungry.  She is very timid, raises a paw should I try to stroke her; we have known each other for a couple of years and when she is hungry stands by the kitchen door  her coat has a good gloss on it though, she has acquired a friend, large pale tigerish tabby cat better fed by the looks of him....

Pansies on this cold morning, woke to a frost on the green, and these pansies hanging their heavy heads covered in dew.

As for bird watching, well a gathering of about 16 collared doves on the green yesterday, P saw two crows sending off a cat, no wonder I occasionally see a cat racing across the green, it must be dangerous territory.


  1. My pansies have gone south so it's nice to see some still going!

  2. I have a skinny black/white cat, well more of a kitten that comes into my garden. It is always on the look out for food and doesn't like the birds to be feed. It even fights with a much large cat.

    My pansies are doing their best to show off their heads with the cold snap we're having.

  3. Hi Em, It must be cold up there mine normally last through the winter...

  4. Hi Paula, Cats are strange creatures, never completely loyal but fascinating. Loved the Goth photos you put up, P is muttering about getting himself an outfit for next April....

  5. No pansies here but the very very last of the Nasturtiums are still holding a flower. (I must save more seeds from them before the first proper frost).

    No sunshine here today so I am jealous of yours.

    Nice pussum, Skinny is.


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