Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rain falling on Bulguk Temple in South Korea

The large carp picture that sits above the fire box
Bulguk Temple

The gentle fall of rain, and black tiled rooftops surrounded by misty trees.  Such an alien temple to our grey churches. Still with the grey weather outside and several grey collared doves in the maple tree, greyness is the order of the day.  A video sent to my love for his blog, (best viewed full screen) so I nicked it and will play it several times today if only for the music that reminds me of wind chimes in the garden.!

These are Japanese tiles very similar to the Korean tiles in the video.
Chrysanthemums motifs for the emperor and lotus flowers

This is the fire-box they are kept in, lead-lined it would sit under the table to keep you warm

Not all is Doom and Gloom


  1. The tiles are stunning. Just wondering how old they are?

  2. Hi Kath, been reading your blog lately ;) see that you patchwork beautifully (very envious) And yes the video of the temple is lovely.

  3. Hi Em, The tiles are only about 100 years ago, Paul collected them (they fall off the temples) about 40 years ago, made of clay, the motifs are fairly common,you can find them on indigo dyed cloth etc.
    He was a 60s 'dropout' monk in Kyoto for a year until he went on to study. (I got permission to write that;)...


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