Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Today I saw on the news that the Rolling Stones had a concert over the weekend, can we all be so old? I still dance to their music.  First thing that came to mind was Eel Pie Island when they were far from famous and we danced in the dark hall to this fabulous beat.
Email from friends in America commiserating with our wet weather, I know it is pretty bad down in the south west and up in Wales, but here we are not flooded.  The wind did howl round the windows on Saturday night though, it whined, moaned and buffeted the window with rain and I lay there worrying about all the birds in the hedges and would the hedgehog drown if we did flood....Well the latest from my daughter in Whitby, is that it is just as  terrible up North, though Whitby being very hilly only floods near the river.  Now, (I'm picking up the threads here) more news of all those poor people in North Wales with their flooded out houses, dismal thought, the weather getting colder as well, ones heart goes out to them.  The river at York has overflowed into the city but I presume the barrier gates to all those houses along the river in the centre of the town should have held. Pickering has also flooded and a village near Malton, and then the news this morning that dryer but colder weather settling in with snow in some places, especially on the North York Moors, that will probably mean the road closing over the moors.
Weekend has been spent in spinning blue-faced leicester wool, which when I have spun enough will dye  to join my bag for experimental waistcoat courtesy of Kaffe Fassett pattern. Knitted hats have fallen off my needles plus fingerless gloves, not terribly exciting.

No photos because I am out of space again according to Google....


  1. I was a 70's teenager, but I still love the Stones. As my Mum has 2 younger sisters, their music was the background to my growing up in the 60's.
    Stay warm!

    (that must be something to do with my age. I was thinking my son would have said "Stay cool" HA HA)

  2. Hi, my daughter is always saying 'cool' to me in text messages, as does my 10 year old granddaughter Matilda. If I had a sign off for messages it would be 'so be it' meaning of course I can't change anything in the world ;)


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