Thursday, November 15, 2012

Elizabeth Blackadder

Sometime you wake up in the morning with a name in your head, today it was the Scottish painter, Elizabeth Blackadder, I had seen, a few year ago, paintings of her flowers in the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath.  Delicate and light, the fragility of flowers are captured against  the white background. She travelled extensively and there is a lovely Youtube film of her in her studio in 2011.


  1. This is very weird. I first encountered her name yesterday. I almost bought some mugs (from the Royal Academy Shop) with one of her paintings on. And now here you are with another mention.

  2. I love her work too. Off to watch the you-tube thing....thank you!

  3. Hi MorningAJ, I suppose you would call it coincidental, she is not very well known, not sure why..

    Hi Em, Enjoy the video, she seems to enjoy exploring different media..