Wednesday, November 7, 2012

He has won

It's 7.0 clock, we have been up since four so we already know that Obama has won thank goodness, and I expect the rest of the world is happy to as the vote put out by the BBC came back resoundingly in Obama's favour.  Listened to his speech half an hour ago and he seemed to be modest and reassuring, thanking everyone who had worked so hard for him.  Romney's speech at about six was unceremoniously cut off by radio 4 and we had 5 minutes of religion, so what happened to the shipping forecast then?
On Facebook the news that Japanese fisherman have killed the pod of dolphins in The Cove, except for two which will be kept confined, was very sad news, how dare they kill such intelligent creatures.
Most days I sign something against cruelty to animals, yesterday dogs kept for meat in the Philipines, very badly treated, the pictures are heartbreaking.
There are arguments for and against Facebook, but there is plenty for all, Ravilious, Jackie Morris, other artists flow through my news, and cat photos which often make me laugh, the secret is a neutral tone, don't get on your high horse as there is always someone out there ready to jump on you!

Resolutions; 1) To record the birds out on the green and in the garden, not a terribly impressive list but I love them all, whether they be starlings, collared doves or the great crows. We also have a hedgehog under the shed, noticed droppings all summer but when P went down to the shops the other day found a baby hedgehog on the pavement, and as it was only about 50 feet from the house we presumed it was ours, so I picked it up and put it by the shed where it dived under quite happily.

This is the very full berry tree outside the house.
Second resolution is to make a small xmas room box for Lillie, took me ages to tidy the dollshouse yesterday.....


  1. Very brave of you to stay up so late/get up so early! Thank goodness indeed. If you've read my latest post you'll know what my son called Mr. Romney.....very appropriate I think.

  2. Yes I did see that - Fingleberry Tom, I know the world never really changes no matter who we put in power, but the better man won. We woke up early, P has a rotten cold to contend with and is not a happy bunny!

  3. We have our challenges and disagreements no matter who wins. I never agree completely with any candidate. As Treebeard said, "I'm not altogether on anybody's side because no one is altogether on my side ..." I don't see any great changes happening one way or the other.

  4. "I'm not altogether on anybody's side because no one is altogether on my side"

    Hi Jan, a very apt quotation, I expect there must be a vast sigh of relief that the election is all over now.

  5. I have to say I am rather relieved that the American election is over. Only time will tell - fiscally - if the best man won. I really don't know.

    I'm glad you have plenty of berries for the birds, as natures pantry here in Wales is rather bare this year, with "rather" being the understatement!

    We have left plenty of apples on the trees for the birds and they are making much of them already. A good crop of apples but all very small this year.