Saturday, October 12, 2013

Badgers and politics

22 Reasons for the Bedroom Tax

Because the Badgers are moving the goalposts.
The Ferrets are bending the rules.
The Weasels are taking the hindmost.
The Otters are downing tools.

The Hedgehogs are changing the game-plan
The Grass-snakes are spitting tacks.

The Squirrels are playing the blame-game.
The Skunks are twisting the facts.

The Pole-cats are upping the ante.
The Foxes are jumping the gun.
The Voles are crashing the party.
The Stoats are dismantling the Sun.

The Rabbits are taking the biscuit.
The Hares are losing the plot.
The Eagles are kicking the bucket.
The Rats are joining the dots.

The Herons are throwing a curveball.
The Shrews are fanning the flames.
The Field mice are sinking the 8-ball.
The Swans are passing the blame.

And the Pheasants are draining the oil from the tank-
but only the Bustards have broken the bank.
Carol Ann Duffy
Clever poem found in the Guardian today, there has been much 'play' on the poor badgers 'moving the goalposts', and Duffy gives this explanation to this nature inspired poem..she writes - "an explanation that makes as much sense as anything else in recent politics".
There has been a dismal output from the shooting cull, basically they have not killed enough and now want to extend the time for killing but this news on the Kreb report tells a different story.


  1. Yes I saw this poem too thelma - I am so against the badger cull but being married to a farmer I just keep out of the argument.

    1. Very, very difficult Pat. Our farmer friends are totally divided; even those who have had reactor after reactor, test after test. The whole thing is a farce.

  2. Hi Weaver of Grass, yes I can understand your position, it is a difficult one, vaccination of the badgers seems to be the only, expensive though, road to take.
    I just liked the nonsense side of Duffy's poem, the bedroom tax was the most badly thought out (or not) programme undertaken...

  3. I'm very much against the cull, and Carol Ann Duffy has captured the increasing madness of it all. I'm still amazed that a Secretary of State would accuse badgers of 'moving the goalposts' in the first place.

    1. Hi Wendy, I am not surprised by anything politicians do, they do not necessarily have a grip on reality. Having campaigned years ago against badgers being used in baiting, it has seemed sad that they are now once more under attack. But I believe there is some sort of discussion in parliament today which may have a favourable outcome...