Sunday, October 27, 2013


Dali's clocks slowly melt over the edges of nothing, clever play on time, not sure but original of course and slightly bizarre.  We have measured time to seconds, minutes, hours, right through to billions of years of evolution of this earth.  So has every clock in your household been changed? LS started yesterday half were one hour the other half later, confusing me of course.  This morning the clock that gets changed by the satellite whizzing overhead is the right time, a second older 'satellite' clock sits by its side waiting to change, apparently about eleven as its satellite takes its course over our heads. Weird, just like time, and we still haven't figured out how the whole thing started, I mean the universe, the 'time' before, we have reduced our world to a comfortable fit of night and day, sun and moon but time is really quite ephemeral, gliding past us invisible taking our lives with it.  And before I get too morbid, I have also been told off, because I ask (every year I do this) what is the 'real' time now, I must adjust to the time that has been designated by outside forces.

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