Sunday, October 20, 2013


A visit to Hyland Gardens just outside Chelmsford yesterday.  The One World Garden falls with such grace into Autumn, a soft haze of colours dying gently, the orange, yellow and deep red hues tinging the green of the summer bounty.

Gunnera in flower
Dying hosta leaves giving one last flamboyant spurt of colour

Hyland House

View from the Fox and Raven looking over to the river.


  1. The colours are beautiful, if slightly mournful. We're bracing ourselves for the beech drop that covers the garden in brown snow again and again and again...

  2. We eventually got to Ikea the other day, and brought home one of those large blue plastic bags which are ideal for carrying leaves to wherever you keep them...

  3. I haven't visited Hylands for a while so I'll have to go along. Love the view from the 'Fox and Raven' in the autumn light.

  4. Hi Wendy,There is talk of building houses down by the river, but I cannot see it happening, as the fields are water meadows in all but name.