Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Catching the moment

Horcum Hole in North Yorkshire
Time has been interrupted by migraines, three days they have appeared like a slow rolling thunderstorm they splice the day but now they are over, so not much written or done which by the way always annoys me intensely.
Pulled out some patchwork yesterday, not sure what I am going to make but ended up with greens, soft and cooling colours.  Materials even tumble around the computer, I am very untidy, luckily LS who is the tidiest person on this earth loves me;) and closes his eye when entering my study.  Downstairs in the sitting room my chair is surrounded by all the dyed balls of wool - a feast for the eyes. But if you were to go into the studio next door, the pristine nature of it all would strike you. I would like to start weaving, but as everyone knows you need room for warping, and the studio would be ideal, but no ordinary table there just the long low work bench.
My daughter called yesterday, they are finally in their new house much to her relief. Apparently you can exchange contracts over the phone, so all last week they phoned the solicitor each day, no luck then come thursday the phone call came through contracts were exchanged, five minutes later the two Pickford vans rolled up outside their old house, that was really cutting it! The new house needs a lot of work done on it but size wise is about the same as the old, and it looks like it is going to be a great adventure doing it up...
Todmorden is the town that they have alighted on, and I have said before it did not strike me as particularly attractive but they have fallen in love with it, and of course has a reputation for the way it grows food in public places - edible Tormorden.  Lots of places to walk round there, woods, river and the canal though it does flood and they do have a basement.
Tomorrow we go to Mildenhall Museum, which will be quite a drive, think there are replicas of the Mildenhall hoard, and of course a Saxon warrior skeleton with his horse, which should be fun.  At least I shall take some photos which have been rather thin of late.  Computer or camera? both need money, but I also need 'Word' for writing in and downloading all the stuff our Cornish friend sends - decisions, decisions and money of course.....  A photo of Todmorden...


  1. Hole of Horecum - love the display of Heather in August. We pass here most weekends when we go out on the motorbike. August 20th or thereabouts is always the time when the heather is a deep purple - one minute it's there in all it's glory - the next thing gone! Returning to the luscious green.

    1. Hello Mrs.Nesbitt, I just love the view from the road as we pass this vast ampitheatre, it is real Yorkshire, and then that long way over the moors. There are many motorbikes around Whitby, though accidents can be pretty horrific, it must be the straight roads.

  2. Gosh, that really WAS cutting it fine! I love your new header photo - I could just walk along that path. The Hole of Horecum photo is amazing too. Looking forward to your photos from the Mildenhall Museum.

    1. Hi Jennie, It is a very peaceful path along the river, most of the rivers round here and in neighbouring Suffolk and Norfolk have long stretches of the silver green willow trees which are a beautiful colour when the leaves move.
      My son-in law has just found Victorian doors under the 1970s panelling much to his delight....