Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Dried flowers

A Short History of Enclosure;  This essay by Simon Fairlie is published in The Land magazine* and is a rather long essay on the enclosures of our agricultural land from the common lands during the 18thC and the 19thC.  Fascinating and interesting, it almost traces the rise of capitalism and the consequences we are experiencing today.  Many would say that ownership of land in the hands of the few was the most economically sound way of feeding us all, others would say that land ownership to the many was equally as valid.  But it is wise to remember that the small farms and the bucolic charms of this British countryside, rests on appropriation of  7 million acres of land 200 years ago, and of course the trend that we will experience into the future is the expansion of large 'lot' farms, farmed on an industrial scale similar to the America style.

History is of course just that, and judgement with hindsight - no use whatsoever- the Industrial Age evolved out of this removal of people from the land into the towns and cities, we became wealthy by exploited cheap labour, which makes for good television programs now about mills and landed gentry and which we sell abroad!

Good news is that according to my Resurgence magazine "The Indian government have banned all forms of commercial entertainment involving dolphins and orcas. In an unprecedented move, cetaceans have been recognised as 'non-human' persons whose right to life and liberty must be respected."

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* The only place I have found The Land Magazine in is in the very good independent book shop in Whitby


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    1. I am so pleased with it, and it sits with that Buddha raising his hand in appreciation ;)