Thursday, October 10, 2013

Museum at Mildenhall - 2

High chair, not sure if this was not Edwardian

How to wash your clothes in the 19th Century

Bread making

Brings back memories

What can you say, except we saw a gigantic tv the other week for £36,000

The farm

Note his smock


  1. What a lovely display. Keith's mum and gran would have felt very at home with those laundry implements as his gran ran a laundry (was head-hunted and moved from Scarborough to Manchester to set one up in fact). Some of the other things are very familiar to me - mainly as I still use them! I loved seeing the rural farm displays too - reminds me of the Rural Life Museum at Breamore House on the borders of the New Forest near Downton. I have a little booklet on how to make a smock and would still like to try my hand . . . one of these years!

  2. Hi Jennie, Hard work laundering in those days, forgot to photograph the three large brass bushel measures as well, which were pretty impressive. Long live little museums and their collections.

  3. Fabulous exhibits. My Grandmother had one of those kitchen cupboardy things but with red doors rather than that very nice eau de nile!

  4. Can you remember the avocado bathroom suites?, now of course it is all clinical white...