Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding dress and knitting

I love this story, it perks you up on a sunny day, Bride Gets Married in Dress Worn by her Mother and Grandmother, especially as it has taken place in a favourite corner of Wales, Solva.  We have not visited this year so missed seeing Bovey Belle sadly. Just look at the 1974 wedding, does it not bring memories back of hippies and long hair....
The other link is to do with knitting and the event that has taken place in the Shetlands.  Jamieson and Smith, I love the whole nature of the community knitting together out on these far off islands.

Just to add to this date, the sparrows and starlings seem to be returning to feed, and the hedgehog has also made an appearance, probably coming back to snuggle under the shed for the winter - what does he know?


  1. What a heart warming story that wedding dress story is Thelma. In these days when weddings seem to regularly cost thousands of pounds, how refreshing to see that photograph and to see the bride looking so lovely.

    1. What also intrigued me Pat is the way they cleaned the dress, crushed aspirins and vinegar, never heard of that one before.

  2. How lovely that the same dress has been used through three generations - and started off such long marriages too.

    We have missed you both here this summer. I think Cornwall was calling louder than Solva! I still have your book, carefully wrapped. Do you want me to post it back to you?

  3. Hi Jennie, don't worry, we will pick it up next year, my bookshelves are getting full again!