Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Chinese cups


Elegantly dainty these cups sit in the glass fronted cupboard, the pattern is wisteria flowers with what looks like pinks on a background of gold.  Porcelain so thin you see through them, they belonged to my mother-in-law all those years ago.  She had inherited them from her parents, her father being the Dutch ambassador to China in the 19th century. There has been one or two breakages over the year, they came in a black box lined with red silk, as I doodle through my photos memories are brought up.
LS restored a large 16th  Chinese box a couple of years ago, they held books, black pages if I remember correctly with  gold writing, it was to make an appearance in one of the exhibitions at the British Museum..

This is the magical 10 year old paste being stirred for use

Neatness personified


  1. Those cups are exquisite - as is such a lot of Chinese porcelain. The trouble is that we would never dare to drink from them would we. Still, behind glass you can look at them every day and marvel at the skill involved in painting them.

  2. Hi Weaver of Grass, No they have never been drunk from, just kept and I suppose to be handed on to one of the grandchildren. Love wistaria it has a sweet scent and we used to have one at the old house, but it needed cutting back every year.