Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday,19th March

Trying to write something everyday can ultimately be difficult, but there again a blog is a diary, so for this week trying to write about my humdrum existence will continue....
In many ways, news wise, there are serious issues in the air. How far will Putin go with his bluster and bullying, he seems to have the backing of the Russian Parliament behind him, the annexation of Crimea has gone forward, whether this will result in bloodshed remains to be seen.  Should we be worried for the Ukraine people, I think so, will the Western politicians do anything about it, I think not.
Indian music plays in the background, my love has just worked out how to play the CDs on the player downstairs, he forgets the sequence of events every time though we have had it for months, incense wafts up as well!
The camera is at last bought, Canon EOS M, which makes as little sense to whoever reads this blog as it does for me, as does DSR, or 'bridge cameras'  I have pondered over these last couple of months. But there it sat small, neat and tidy on its little stand in Curry's, and it captured my heart. It has a lense, removable no less and if I buy an adaptor I could treat it to another 60 lenses of differing scope! Of course that would be a very expensive hobby, but that potential did it for me. 
Our friend in Cornwall has gained permission from the archaeologist to uncover a stone on one of the prehistoric monuments with our help on Bodmin Moor, so that seems like one of our days is already taken up, plus of course all the places he wants to take us; also the visiting of places to see where we would like to live, plus of course visit to LSs cousin. 7 days is not long enough....
What struck me this morning thumbing through Facebook, and it was not the twelve sided new pound coin, as someone so wittily observed,  are we to be distracted from the real horrors that lurk in The Budget by waving a new coin in front of us... Also the Guardian has a rather good article, telling me something that I probably knew already, money doesn't really exist in the bank, it's all smoke and mirrors...
Then there was Ann Miles writing her new blog for Dobies the seed people, waving in front me a rather useful three shelved 'bookcase' to put against the wall for plants, a bit like the old covered auricula plant stands used for showing these pretty flowers.....


  1. I am going to look at that Dobies blog Thelma.

    1. Actually the shelving is expensive, one should be able to make these things of course...

  2. That enormous picture of the coin on the front cover of the Guardian didn't do it any favours. Good luck with the camera - I've found my bridge lacking in the macro department but the zoom is so helpful. Happy Wednesday to you.

    1. No I did not like the blend of silver and gold/bronze?, but the forgery problem seems quite serious. I was hesitant over bridge cameras because of their size, LS is making me 'hold the camera properly' but of course being a L/H person it takes some doing....