Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday 18th

Things I dislike;
1) Worm City for one, this is our composter bin inhabited by roughly a million worms I think, as you take off the lid, they all withdraw amongst the vegetable scraps.  Worse still, if a couple of hundred are clinging to the lid, they will fall around your feet! yuk.

2) All this emphasis on food, now Mary Berry and your delicious cakes, don't you know sugar is bad for you? the Guardian have been producing articles rating sugar content in the foods we eat. My two pieces of fruit I eat daily has fructose in it for goodness sake, and of course all the vegetables I love for their sweetness. Butter, according to this morning news is not as bad as we think, that's good then, because I am buying cheaper butter rather than the 'lighter' lurpak because it is so expensive...  I do believe they are trying to drive us mad, television programmes galore on food, forget the starving poor in the rest of the world.  O dear I have forgotten, we are showing voyeuristic  programmes of how it is like to be poor in this country, which I have never watched so can't comment on them Benefit Street comes to mind.  So that is where my third dislike will come from.

3) Television programmes; Network channels seem to be pointing the camera at the 'me' or what I can do in life, as a dancer (Strictly Come Dancing) singing (The Voice) or particularly nasty violent drama, I suppose there must be a market for it...  All I know is that there is rarely  anything to watch in the evening.  I realise I must be getting old when I say I have seen it all before, and that it might be a good idea to shuffle off the mortal coil, except..............

It is spring and summer is on the way, and I might even come back with a new camera this afternoon!

This is the garden of an old friend, very narrow but the winding path gives a focus.


  1. Hi Thelma If we listen to all they say on the news about things being bad for you, and then on the same breath they say that its not....So I don't pay any notice I use things in moderation.

  2. Too true Ana, but sometimes it is like wading through a thick treacle of words telling you different things. ;)