Sunday, March 9, 2014


Life is somewhat busy at the moment, all the maps (4) arrived from the ordnance survey last week.  Map perusing is a favourite of mine, spread one out on the table or a bed, and I will be lost among the rivers and hills.  This time it is Cornwall, three maps are for the 'looking at houses' down there, and the fourth for the Penwith area, Lands End, as it is here that you will find the most prehistoric stone circles and barrows.  Will we have time to do everything down there I wonder.  Our friend has offered me the loan of his camera to try out before I buy another, there are LS's cousin to visit down in Ruan Lanihorne. LS also wants us to stay in Devizes for the night, to meet up with his brother, and maybe my son and Ephraim can make it for a meal as well.  Last time all this happened, we met up in a pub somewhere in a village, and the boys arrived late, our American friends, Loie and Bucky were with us and we were all going to Wales to find the fabulous 'sacred springs' of Carn Meyn.  Sadly we did not find them, Bucky complaining that the bogs went up the hill and it was too wet.  This Welsh visit of course included a visit to Bovey Belle, and I still have the photo of all of us sat round her large kitchen table in that beautiful kitchen, loads of cats everywhere, everyone chattering. 
House hunting is more difficult than I thought, and really this time we will look at the areas that appeal,  when using Rightmove and Zoopla the houses appear and disappear, so you can fall in love with one but a few weeks later it will disappear.  Yesterday I saw a rather nice semi-detached Georgian house set in a village somewhere, but it had a 'flying freehold' which sounded mysterious but I think it is to do with going on the other side's property when you want to put scaffolding up, and I also note it has been on the market for 7 months.
Sunny and drear photos

The Black spot, camera  of course!

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  1. Map perusing is a favourite of mine

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