Saturday, March 15, 2014

A walk in Hyland Park

There was not much happening in the gardens flower wise,  here I am going to grumble about this 'colour co-ordinated' park planting above, have they never read Gertrude Jekyll books on gardening? That is a bit snobbish I admit,  but self colour with self same plants are on the whole boring, what about this summer picture below at Lindisfarne....I shall quote her here, because the book happened to fall obligingly open at what I was thinking,
"I am strongly of the opinion that the possession of a quantity of plants, however good the the plants may be themselves and however ample their number, does not make a garden; it only makes a collection.  Having got the plants, the great thing is to use them with a careful selection and definite intention. Merely having them, or having them planted unassorted in garden spaces, is only like having a box of paints from the best colourman, or, to go one step further, it is like having portions of these paints set out upon a palette.  This does not constitute a picture; and it seems to me that the duty we owe to our gardens is so to use the plants that they will form beautiful pictures; and that, while delighting our eyes, they should also be training them to exalted criticism.....
Just love her prose, and she reminds me of another gardener long gone at Sissinghurst Castle, second photo down, now I have beautiful photos of that garden, which I must digitalise one day.  Enough of gardens!

Lindisfarne Garden
Creative Commons; photo by Ann Young
Vita Sackville-West's Sissinghurst gardens
Creative Commons

Cross  Canadian geese ready to duff LS up. Why?
Because LS is lurking behind this tree taking photos, and frightening the male's mate

All is well.  A rather sweet protective mate

The old oak still in winter garb

This is the rather bare World Garden.


  1. how lovely. I especially liked the oak, looking for all the world like a "green man".
    My neighbours house is called Hyland, I must ask if there is any connection.

    1. It is pretty old that oak and protected, don't even mow the lawn under it.

  2. Replies
    1. Spent an hour or two sorting the photo box, took quite a few of the garden, best way to digitalise them is to buy a flat bed scanner..mmm.