Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday 3oth March

A lovely soft misty morning as I go out into the garden to hook some fleece on the cotoneaster for the blue tits, who are once more nesting in, not our nest box but next door as usual.  We have seen them check out our box but always turn their beaks up at it!  There is nothing as pretty as blue tits amongst the cherry blossom, a Chinese scroll captured for a second, they are a delight, soft blues against the pink and white.   The hedgehog is around, obviously feasting on worms from worm city, as we have left the bottom flap off
Yesterday we went to to The Cats pub for a mother's day celebration.  LS loves this pub, and its Abbots beer. Set out in the country and run by Wally and his partner Anne, who creates the perfect ploughman's lunch. Wally has 'regulars' they are always the same on Saturday, gossiping away and eating their lunches. Because this is upmarket Essex, many will arrive in expensive cars, but it is Wally who is the collector.  Two fun fair steam engines reside in a great shed, and there was three old sports car obviously belonging to him. Rather fancied the Mazda at which had a faded piece of paper quoting £1500, but I suspect it will probably have something fundamentally wrong with it, like no engine.

Wally in 'The Cats, which is full of cat's bits and pieces'

Two enormous plastic cats reside in the sun, with one on the roof, there is a real cat called Henry around somewhere.

patchwork experimenting

Future god of compassion!


  1. Nice cheerful post Thelma - but not the 31at until tomorrow.
    Not sure how I feel about Mothering Sunday - the trouble is that one's children feel under obligation to do something because of the advertising pressure.

  2. Changed the date ;) My children do not worry about such thingss, had a long conversation with my daughter this morning, as we shared our experiences. My grand daughter Matilda had cooked breakfast for her mum, a carefully crafted fried bread with a cut out heart in its centre and an egg perfectly cooked within, she had also organised presents beautifully wrapped, at 12 Matilda is pretty scary...