Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13th June

The weather has been so beautiful that it just deserves to be lived in, collage of the garden and a walk down to the river this week.  I call the pigeon Fred, dumb creature that he is, he wanders around with our three doves and the host of little sparrows that have been born this summer.  The pink Cape daisy unfolds its flowers every morning, till when you look down into their hearts the magnificent  force of nature reveals itself.
Lillie turns eight on this Friday the 13th, and in a week it will be the solstice, when the long nights of light will turn into darkness again.   Solstice is when the sun stands still!

There has been an interesting discussion elsewhere about why prehistoric people had their solstices, both winter (which is considered the most important) and summer. The stone's settings are the evidence that a calendar was needed in those times to herald the coming of light and warmth for the growing of crops. To make sense of their world, when the great glowing ball of the sun stood high in the sky, or when, as today, the full moon shone like a bright penny in the sky at night.

Elsewhere in the world on this day, chaos slowly unfolds as the East  falls apart on religious lines and one's heart can only break for the families and people who are thrown into refugee camps, and there is nothing to say that will make it better.

The Garden

Walk on Wednesday
Birthday girl Lillie up  at 5.20 this morning ready for her birthday, she lives in a world of her own, dearly loved by everyone who meets her....

Chelmsford City, (they are just changing the signposts too upgrade to city). Chelmsford has a cathedral and a prison..


  1. Happy birthday Lillie - have a lovely day.

    As to the world situation - I look at all those thousands trailing through the countryside with their children and their pathetic bundles, going into some form of exile from which there will probably be no escape for years - their whole lives in ruins - these folk have a lot to answer for.

    1. Think this latest situation occurred so suddenly, everyone seemed so unprepared for it. Just seems everything is breaking down in these countries, religion has a lot to answer for.

  2. Lillie is so precious--wishing her a wonderful day!

  3. 5.20! Even OB has never got up that early on his birthday! I hope a happy one was had.

    1. Yes Em, the evening photo displayed Lillie buried in a mass of wrapping paper and dressed as a fairy of course...


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